I am presently is involved in writing and consulting, speaking before industry and investment client groups, offering financial firms advice on their asset management strategies, and contributing regularly to City Journal and Forbes, among other publications, as well as The National Interest, where I am a contributing editor.  I serve as chief economist for the New York-based communications firm, Vested, and an affiliate of the Center for the Study of Human Capital and Economic Growth at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

I am a Wall Street veteran who has held various senior positions with several prestigious financial firms in research, portfolio management, and strategy. Before retiring to full-time writing and consulting, I served as senior economist and market strategist for the investment firm, Lord, Abbett & Co., where in addition to writing a weekly web site piece on investment strategy, I advised both retail and institutional investors on their strategies for investment success and represented the firm in capital market discussions at major industry events, on radio and on TV.

Before joining Lord, Abbett I served for 14 years as chief investment officer for Nomura Capital Management (NY).  There, I built the firm’s investment effort in the Americas and regularly took part in making global investment strategies for Nomura and its clients.  I became personally involved in managing assets for a number of distinguished clients, among them the Sultan of Brunei and the State of Wisconsin Investment Board.

In earlier years, I served as director of research for Manufacturers Hanover Investment Corporation, and in various research and portfolio management roles for that firm as well as Lionel D. Edie & Co., the Chase Bank, and Citigroup.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in economics for the State University of New York at Buffalo and a Master of Social Science (M. Soc. Sc.) degree in mathematical economics from the University of Birmingham, UK.  My dissertation examined the impact of inflation on interest rates.